“The mission and the culture need to be embedded in every single process that touches a prospective employee.”

Have you observed a company or do you know about a company that you think does a fabulous job of finding good people and making them feel special? What are some of the things that you have seen this company do? What contributes to the whole recruiting, hiring and onboarding experience?


How do you get the right people in the organization so you have the ingredients you need to have for a top workplace?
The hiring process: spotlight on Southwest Airlines.
Identifying people who are going to fit your culture and also make your hiring process reflective of the culture you want to build: spotlight on Nordstrom and Zappos.
Incorporating a “buddy system” – peer to peer support for a new hire.
Pairing an experienced employee with a new employee can offer a rich opportunity for learning on both sides.
A company is not just hiring a person, they’re hiring their family too.
Social components in a company can provide an insight into its employees.

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