Calling all testers and QA focused team members! Have you wondered about how your work and perspectives fit in James Shore and Diana Larsen’s Agile Fluency Model? The folks at Eurostar were curious. So they invited me (Diana) to lead a webinar and Q&A session on the topic, Testers & Teams on the Agile Fluency Journey, in October 2016. In under an hour, those who attended explored the intersections of different AF zones and the role that testing plays in their teams. Areas like: 

  • Role of Testing/Testers as teams develop fluent proficiency
  • Relevance of focusing on benefits and investments
  • “Agile” can and should look different for different teams

For leaders, the AF model provides visibility into the predictable, observable fluent proficiencies of agile team competency, helps managers and leaders define the benefits they’re getting, determine the benefits they really want, and plan next steps. It helps all team members, including test, know their path on the journey and identify next steps. 

Early in December 2016, I reconnected with Janet Gregory, coauthor of Agile Testing and More Agile Testing, at the Agile Testing Days conference in Potsdam, Germany. She told me that she had listened to the webinar, so for the sake of completeness, I asked her if she had heard anything that didn’t make sense to her. Imagine my relief when she said she had enjoyed the talk and conversation. I hope you enjoy it too.